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CDA Press.com: Outrage over online privacy rule change

Good story in the local paper this morning regarding online privacy:

CDAPress.com: Outrage Over Online Privacy Rule Change

KREM 2 News: “986 – Get Used to Idaho’s New Area Code!”

From KREM website:  “Everyone in Idaho will need to dial an area code before all calls. That is different from places like Spokane, for example, where you can forgo dialing 509 for local calls.

Local phone providers like InterMax are still trying to get ahead of the looming change.

“I think that the commercial impact is going to be bigger because they have to go in and reprogram all their fax machines and their land dials,” said Mike Kennedy, the president of Intermax Networks. “I think it’s going to be an adjustment for residential customers who are so used to using that phone.”