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I would like to welcome you to the refreshed Intermax Networks blog. Over the last few months, a team from across the company has been discussing and researching topics we hope you’ll find timely and relevant.

Our goal? To help you make sense of the rapid technological changes happening across our industry so you are prepared meet them head on. Our aspiration? To provide content that empowers, enables, and inspires you.

We’ll have articles on cyber security, internet privacy, and cloud computing, written by Intermax and industry-focused subject matter experts (SMEs). They’ll apply their expertise to provide tangible, actionable guidance to you and your business.

We’ll keep you up to speed on trends in software tools, IT services, and network management so you can stay focused on your clients and stay ahead in the marketplace.

We’ll also take you inside Intermax Networks, introduce you to our team, and share with you why we think this place is so special.

Most importantly−and the most fun−we’ll be sharing the successes of you, our customers. Intermax is honored and proud to have been a part of the success of businesses and non-profit organizations across North Idaho. These stories highlight a few of the clients we’ve been fortunate enough to assist in addressing their business needs.

Have a successful outcome, a story you’d like to share, or a topic you’d like to see us address? Contact our Chief Storyteller, Anita Parisot, and she’ll set up time to talk with you.



New Summer Intern

Intermax Networks today announced Noah Turner will be joining the company as a summer intern.

Noah, who will be a senior at Lake City High School in the Fall, joined the company through the University of Idaho’s DIG’NIT  program. Noah will be working with Intermax’s IT Managed Services and Internet Services program teams in the Coeur d’Alene office. The University of Idaho DIG’NIT program connects with regional IT companies and new start-ups focusing on developing the practical skills required for success in the IT industry.

CDA Outrage over online privacy rule change

Good story in the local paper this morning regarding online privacy: Outrage Over Online Privacy Rule Change

A Note from Company President Mike Kennedy about Privacy

At Intermax we promise we will never sell your data. Ever.

April 5, 2017

Dear clients and friends,

This note is about you, your browsing data, and your privacy. It’s important because two days ago the president signed into law a repeal of consumer protections of Internet privacy.

Theoretically it benefits Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like ours. The repeal of the law would allow us to sell your browsing data if we wanted to – allowing us to make money on something that already exists, that we have access to, and if we sell it would make you a better target for other big companies looking to learn as much about you as possible.

I want you to know directly from me that Intermax announced today we will never sell client data. Period – end of story. Please see the attached press release which formally announced our position.

As I said in the press release I’m stunned at this change in the law. The only thing that’s clear is that it’s a major benefit to some of the biggest companies in the country – the major national cable companies and phone carriers (“Telcos”) who lobbied hard to win this.

Big “Telcos” will now have the explicit right to get access to their customers browsing and location data and use it and sell it to anyone who will buy it.

They may not care about your privacy, but we do. We are your neighbors in North Idaho and one of the many reasons we live here is because we value our privacy, our liberty, and that of our neighbors as well. Once you sell those things, there isn’t much left that can’t be sold.

I’ve read in some places that “…repealing this privacy rule doesn’t matter since there are so many other places where the big guys can get your personal information.” Maybe that’s true on some level, but we are taking a stand here and saying NO – not now, not ever. A business like ours needs to have the trust and confidence of our customers, and that’s why I wanted to write you directly.

Here’s a link to the actual information on

The bottom line is we don’t work for those big companies – we work for you. We will never sell your data or information, and we’ll continue to try to provide competition for the Big “Telcos” who spent a lot of money to get this permission to sell your data and get a lot more.

Thank you as always for your business, and I expect you’ll hear more from us about this in the future!


Mike Kennedy
President, Intermax Networks

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KREM 2 News: “986 – Get Used to Idaho’s New Area Code!”

From KREM website:  “Everyone in Idaho will need to dial an area code before all calls. That is different from places like Spokane, for example, where you can forgo dialing 509 for local calls.

Local phone providers like InterMax are still trying to get ahead of the looming change.

“I think that the commercial impact is going to be bigger because they have to go in and reprogram all their fax machines and their land dials,” said Mike Kennedy, the president of Intermax Networks. “I think it’s going to be an adjustment for residential customers who are so used to using that phone.”