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You have mission critical data you can’t afford to lose. Why store it halfway across the country?

Every business has challenges that impact operations. As businesses have evolved, and changed over the years, cloud use has increased. Using the cloud has mixed reviews depending on you talk to, but for one reason in particular.

Many companies and individuals don’t like the idea of storing their data off premise with a company they’ve never met, in a facility they don’t know the location of, and in a facility that may not have all the steps in place to prevent theft, a catastrophic incident, or a crash. Our clients felt this way and so we set out to create a local cloud that our clients can see, walk around in, and feel comfortable knowing the right measures are in place to make sure their mission critical data is in good hands.

Local Cloud

One thing our clients had mentioned to us was that they didn’t like having their data in a “faceless” storage facility halfway around the country, or even the world. We heard that, and built our own cloud right here in Coeur d’Alene. Now you can store your data with a local, trusted company.

All Access Monitoring

We make sure that you have access to your data 24/7/365. We give you a key card, and a personal code so that you can come by and check on your servers, data, and virtual network at any time you so desire.

Disaster Proof Facility

We have gone great lengths to make sure that our facility is completely disaster proof. With a backup generator, fire systems, massive cooling units, as well as flood protection, you know your data is safe with Intermax.

Quicker Access To Your Data

Storing your data locally means that when/if you need access to it, you’ll have it at the touch of a button. Our clients also like to check on their data from time to time. With Intermax you can stop by and actually see and step inside the cloud.


  • 4000 sq. ft. of available Space for Data Center products and services
  • VMware Server Products for backup and high availability hosting
  • Disaster Recovery Services and Network Management Consulting
  • Dual Power sources:
  • A power is on a 60 KVA UPS
  • B power is Avista/Intermax genset
  • 750 KW Generator with 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel
  • Sufficient for a week on emergency power
  • Dual Air Conditioning units
  • Security Cameras
  • 24×7 Dual Authentication Security Access
  • Redundant fiber routes within Intermax network