Why make the switch to Intermax Fiber?

Intermax Fiber is the finest internet connectivity experience in North Idaho. It’s the fastest and most reliable data connection available. Intermax has fiber connections at many professional and office locations in Coeur d’Alene and we’re expanding the network all the time.

The Intermax network taps into the internet from three core locations with direct links to Seattle, Boise, and Portland. We use a number of diverse and redundant border routers and have alternate routes for backup connectivity. Our Intermax technical engineers are focused on building network routes that provide the maximum in speed, Level One peering, and fail-safe backup.

Give our commercial account managers a call for a consultation on keeping your business on the internet faster, more reliably, and at a competitive cost.

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Lit Fiber

With lit Fiber you have the ability to start using data and streaming with essentially zero hang ups. We have well over 100 customers on lit Fiber across the Norther Idaho area.

Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber. Fiber that may be in your building at this very second that you could have access to, but may not know about it. Contact Intermax today to see if we have Fiber in your building.

Faster Growth

With over 350 miles of Fiber Internet in the Northern Idaho area, it’s no wonder that we’re also the fastest growing provider in the area as well. Couple that with a local presence and it’s a win-win for everyone.

Lower Latency

Looking for lower latency? Look no further. Fiber Internet offer the fastest upload, download, and ping times around. With Intermax Fiber your latency times will be next to zero.

Fewer Issues

Snow, rain, corrosion, etc. These are things that make old copper DSL wires unreliable and unusable. With Fiber Internet from Intermax you get a bullet proof Internet connection that is weather resistant.

Intermax’s Support

Occasionally there is a hiccup when dealing with things Internet related. When this may happen you have the Intermax support behind you. Call any time, day or night, and get a live body on the phone who is excited to help solve your challenge.

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