Curious About Voice Service?

Intermax isn’t just a leader in Internet, we’re a leader in Voice Services as well! Intermax provides our clients with access to an entire host of Small to Medium Business (SMB) solutions centered around productivity and ease of use.  Our expertise continues through the complete line of NEC products and on to many of the major manufacturers of voice equipment including: Comdial, Key Voice Voicemail, 3Com NBX, Nortel, Vodavi, Panasonic TDA/TDE/KXT/DBS, and Mitel brand systems.  Whether it is traditional digital/analog or newer technology VoIP phone systems, Intermax stands ready to provide sales, installation, and service support for your organization. With this kind of local expertise, and attention to detail we strive to earn your trust as your local go company for all things voice, and phone related. Give us a call to inquire about our solutions for your business.


Why settle for less in a phone system?

Switch to a VoIP System

With a VoIP system you have access to countless features that many other phone systems just simply don’t have.

Hosted Phones

Get flexibility in your phone system.

No more need for PBX

Save money, and get flexibility with a hosted phone system. With no physical equipment needed you get the freedom to work from anywhere.


Ease of use at your fingertips.

Secure, Reliable Phones.

PRI is not a network technology so it’s not subject to the network interference, packet loss and jitter. Convenience and ease of use.


One word: Flexibility

Grow your phone system.

As your business grows, you’re inevitably going to want your phone system to grow with it. SIP allows just that.

More About Intermax Voice Services

 As an area leader in Voice communications, Intermax provides a multitude of options for growing businesses. No matter what your needs may be, we’ll strive to put together a customized, thorough, and effective plan for your initiatives. Give us a call today to learn more about our Voice options and how we might be able to assist in your telecom needs.