Intermax Networks

Intermax covers more square miles in North Idaho than any other provider.

Our "Backbone" service has a ring design to allow data to go follow two different routes to double our reliability. There is no hardware infrastructure (like cable or phone lines) needed from a wired telecommunications company to provide access to isolated areas of North Idaho. This allows for high-speed internet to many areas that have never had the chance for service in the past, faster speeds than the national firms here provide, and better pricing to the users.

In short, we have brought service to places in North Idaho that were literally struggling to get reliable dial-up connections.

Whether you are browsing the latest news online, checking email, downloading pictures, streaming media, or playing games online, Intermax has a high-speed solution that your neighbors trust for their blazing fast high-speed Internet.

With Intermax, your connection will be always on with no dialing, no waiting, no dropped connections, instant picture downloads, fast video streaming, plus you get to keep your current e-mail address or get a new one for free.

Call your local professionals at Intermax today to get an introduction to how we will provide you with blazing fast internet - without any confusing "geek-speak".  208.762.8065, Ext. 416.

Standard pricing packages available for residential service:

  • 4x1 - $59 per month
  • 6x1 - $79 per month

Intermax Referral Rewards Program

Help your friends or colleagues get connected with Intermax Internet and receive One Month of FREE Internet Service.

Work from home?

If you work from home and need more bandwidth for VPN access to your office, VoiceoverIP, or Static IP addresses, view our Business Services