MAY 4 — The Federal Communications Commission announced today that its decision to grant wireless internet service providers (WISPs) temporary access to 5.9 GHz spectrum is helping them keep Americans connected during the coronavirus pandemic. In late March, the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau began granting temporary access, called (Special Temporary Authority or STA to WISPs serving largely rural and suburban communities.

“This fast concession by the FCC has helped us get more people online, faster, and with less radio interference. It’s been a huge help to customers and residents in the midst of the stay-home orders, working and schooling from home,”  said Mike Kennedy, President of Intermax Networks.

Intermax Networks has seen increased figures by using the 5.9 GHz spectrum, with dramatically decreased noise floors and some access points seeing increased throughput of up to 75%. This has helped Intermax connect both residences and businesses to high-quality VoIP service.

Check out the full press release on the FCC’s News & Events page.

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