5G is Coming…Here’s What You Need to Know

The fifth generation of wireless technology (a.k.a. 5G) promises blazing-fast speed, remarkably low latency, and the capacity to carry a vast number of connections simultaneously.

Today, on a modern 4G network, the average one-hour HD movie takes six minutes to download. The newly proposed 5G connectivity standards mean that users could download a that same HD quality film in a matter of seconds!

Industry visionaries and leaders met at the Mobile World Congress, last week in Barcelona, Spain. Many of the discussions were centered around the the profound impact 5G technology will have on almost every industry around the world.

The first real-world deployment of 5G took place at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Live and on-demand virtual reality coverage of 30 events, such as speed skating, alpine skiing and bobsleigh, were powered by the 5G network.

Industry experts predict 5G technology will be available worldwide by 2020. The United States, China, and South Korea are expected to be the first countries to install full 5G networks.

The following articles from Mashable and CNET provide an overview of 5G, it’s capabilities (it’s not just for cell phones anymore), and what you can expect as the technology rolls out across the country.

5 things to know about 5G


Get ready to hear a lot more about 5G.

Slowly but surely, we’re moving closer and closer to the super-connected, ultra-fast, 5G world tech companies have been promising us for years.


5G super speeds are coming. Here’s what they’ll be like.


“…the hype of 5G, the next-generation wireless technology that promises to be significantly faster and more responsive than anything before it. In some cases — such as its potential application in self-driving cars, telemedicine, the trend of devices called internet of things — it can be life-changing.”

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