The Dream Team

Mike KennedyCEO
When Mike isn’t enjoying puppies, and long walks on the beach, he can be found at Intermax tirelessly leading the charge for better Internet, Voice, Phone, and IT Services here in North Idaho.

The Veeps!

Danny AlfsonVice President, Sales and Service
Danny has been with Intermax since day one. Rumor has it he doesn’t actually sleep, he’s too busy assisting his employees, working with our clients, and taking care of his horses. All things sales and service, Danny has a hand in.
Tad ThompsonVice President, Phone Division
Tad “Kingpin” Thompson joined Intermax last year in a merger when his company, TCI Communications, was brought in to the mix. Tad has been an integral part of the growth seen here at Intermax. When not in the office he can be found rolling 300’s at the local bowling alley.
Pat WhalenVice President, Managed IT Services
Pat “The Marathon Man” Whalen recently joined Intermax when his company, Resource Computing, was brought in to the fold. Pat is a leader in I.T. Services, not just locally but nationally, and holds many high level certifications.
Paul AllenConsultatnt
No… Not THAT Paul Allen! This is the better Paul Allen. Paul was an original member of the Intermax team and a catalyst in growing the company to what it is today. Paul is a great mind, voice, and body to have on the phone or in the office.