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Why settle for anything but the best?

With a Private Microwave connection from Intermax Networks, you’ll no longer be settling for good enough.
With high speeds, low latency, and less redundancy you’ll wish you had made the switch sooner.

Better Bandwidth

Intermax has switched many of our commercial clients from old copper and cable-based legacy systems to fiber and private microwave Internet connections that have increased their bandwidth for lower costs..

Lower Latency

Lower latency means fewer delays in processing time. This is especially important for internet connections utilizing services including trading, file transfers, or anyone using a VoIP connection.

Less Risk

Purchasing copper-based T-1 or DSL Internet access from regional or national phone carriers, cable companies, or wholesale bandwidth companies can be risky. Someone accidentally dig up a cable or hit a telephone pole? You may be waiting a while, and missing out on opportunities, for the repair.

Nonstop Internet

Intermax Nonstop Internet Service comes with a router that integrates copper wire network access and Intermax microwave access. The router (called a dual WAN router) constantly monitors both of network providers and automatically selects the fastest option for your messages or file transfer.

Bandwidth Redundancy

In addition to offering dedicated, fast internet service, Intermax also employs several diverse and redundant border routers and alternate routes for backup connectivity as insurance against outages.

Intermax’s Support

As much as you prepare, anticipate, and plan, issues will undoubtedly arise. Intermax’s OneCall IT team offers companies a single-source of support for break fix, firewalls, or network management all provided by the best IT professionals in the region, remotely or onsite.

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