Why Intermax Fiber?

Intermax’s network covers more square miles in North Idaho than any other provider and is among the fastest, most reliable data connection in the area.  With over 350 miles of fiber internet in the Panhandle, Intermax is the fastest growing provider in the area.

We provide service to clients in over 100 office buildings in Kootenai, Bonner, Boundary, and Spokane counties.

In addition to our backbone service ring design which allows data to follow two different routes. Intermax also employs several diverse and redundant border routers and alternate routes for backup connectivity.

Intermax taps into the internet from three core locations with direct links to Seattle, Boise, and Portland. Our Intermax technical engineers are focused on building network routes that provide the maximum in speed tier-one peering, and fail-safe backup.

Is Fiber Available In My Area?

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Lit Fiber: Less Complexity. More Peace of Mind.

Intermax’s Lit fiber provides businesses with dedicated, reliable internet with no need to purchase, maintain, or operate additional equipment. Operating in a ring infrastructure, the Intermax network utilizes multiple redundancy protocols so, should there be an equipment failure on the ring, traffic can be automatically rerouted to a functional destination.

Dark Fiber

Fiber may be in your location, fiber you have access to, fiber that is currently inactive, and you may not even know it. It’s referred to as dark fiber. Sometimes companies lay more fiber lines than the required to reduce costs of multiple installations over time. h Contact Intermax. We may be offering service to your area.

Faster Growth

With over 350 miles of Fiber Internet in the Northern Idaho area, it’s no wonder that we’re also the fastest growing provider in the area as well. Couple that with a local presence and it’s a win-win for everyone.

Lower Latency

 Require lower latency? Intermax fiber internet offers the fastest upload, download, and ping times. That means latency times that are next to zero.

Fewer Issues

Over time snow, rain, and corrosion can degrade copper DSL wires causing them to become unreliable and unusable. Intermax Fiber Internet is impervious to the elements ensuring a reliable, steady connection.

Intermax’s Support

As much as you plan, monitor, and prepare, inevitably issues can arise. Intermax’s OneCall IT team offers companies a single-source of support for break fix, firewalls, or network management all provided by the best IT professionals in the region, remotely or onsite.

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