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Intermax has upgraded our internet service in your neighborhood! Our high-speed, fiber-fed internet is available today!

New to Intermax Networks? Sign up with Intermax today and choose:
A free Premium Wireless Router or Free Installation

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Refer your neighbor and we’ll pay your internet bill for a month!

Our fiber-fed data network covers 350 square miles and over 3,000 customers, more than any other provider in the Panhandle.

Best of all? We’re locally owned and operated. Always have been. Always will be.

So, if you want fast internet, customer support delivered by a real person, 24/7/365, and exceptional service, please complete the form below to register for your free offer. Shane Arrian, our Residential Specialist, will contact you shortly to confirm your eligibility. 

Terms & Conditions:
Free Premium Router and Free Installation offers require a one-year service agreement. Restrictions apply. Limited-time offer for new and current Intermax customers. Maximum service speed may not be available to all locations. Installation fees waived on new Intermax services ordered from 1/22/2018-4/30/2018. Taxes, governmental, and other surcharges may apply. Intermax reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.