Ability to deliver carrier-grade broadband performance and customized solutions recognized as most significant tech investment in Intermax’s history


November X, 2017

Contact:  Anita Parisot – aparisot@intermaxteam.com – (208-762-8065)

COEUR D’ALENE— Intermax Networks today announced the deployment of an extensive new core routing platform provided by industry leader Juniper Networks that will enable Intermax to deliver new capabilities, improve reliability and redundancy and provide advanced network services for its customers. The new configuration also improves the company’s network monitoring and management capabilities.

“For Intermax, this isn’t just another network upgrade,” said Mike Kennedy, President of Intermax Networks. “This is one of the most significant investments in the company’s history. Partnering with Juniper allows us to continue building an agile, scalable network that will keep improving our customers’ experiences.”

“Juniper’s industry-leading software enables our engineers to quickly deploy custom upgrades or perform standard maintenance tasks with little to no service disruptions,” Kennedy said. “Juniper’s solutions have vastly expanded our capacity and the speed and performance of our core network.”

Intermax selected Juniper’s MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers, EX Series Ethernet Switches and SRX Series Services Gateways together in an effort to transform its network with improved reliability, eliminated complexities and protected resources.

Founded in 2001, Intermax networks has built the largest independent fiber and wireless network in North Idaho. Our fiber optic network serves hundreds of buildings in North Idaho. Intermax brings internet, voice, data, and IT Managed Services to thousands of residential and business customers from Spokane, Washington to the Canadian border.

Uptime, reliability and high-speed performance are critical to modern day businesses. Network updates or the failure of an individual component previously meant lengthy network downtime and service disruptions. Intermax’s deployment of Juniper infrastructure will now allow the company to deliver carrier-grade broadband performance for speed and reliability, faster deployment of new services and updates and a greater capacity to offer customized solutions.

Long-recognized as a leader in the development and design of high-performance, intelligent networks, Juniper managed and facilitated the building of Intermax’s network architecture based on a common operating system, while removing past performance, intelligence and scale limitations.

“We are proud to work with Intermax and support their journey to a more scalable and secure network,” said Donyel Jones-Williams, director, product marketing at Juniper Networks. “The company’s investment in Juniper’s network architecture will allow Intermax customers to receive dependable, high-speed broadband services, while also improving the company’s network monitoring, deployment and management capabilities.”



Intermax is the largest independent Internet, Voice, Data and IT Managed Services network provider in the Inland Northwest and has served customers in North Idaho since 2001. Through the regional fiber optic and wireless network in Kootenai, Bonner, Boundary and Spokane counties, Intermax continues to lead the expansion of access to high-speed internet and telecommunications voice services throughout the region. Intermax currently serves thousands of business and residential clients from southern Kootenai County to the Canadian border, and has taken a leadership role in bringing broadband to areas that have been historically underserved by major national carriers of high-speed internet.

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