Fiber-Fed LTE Technology Provides Faster Better Access for North Idaho


August 21, 2017

Contact:  Anita Parisot –

COEUR D’ALENE— Intermax today announced the expansion of their fiber-fed high-speed internet services in Sandpoint.

Intermax’s investment in Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology, a standard for high-speed wireless communication, is the largest by a North Idaho based fixed internet service provider. The technology will expand and improve services to Sandpoint residents and businesses.

“This is a game changer for North Idaho internet consumers,” said Mike Kennedy, President of Intermax. “LTE technology will allow for better streaming, faster speeds, and non ‘line-of-sight’ deployments.  We are leap-frogging old cable and DSL systems with fiber-fed LTE technology.”

A few of the advantages of LTE technology include:

  • Ease of deployment of high-speed internet and services
  • Improved performance, faster speeds, and lower latency
  • Lower cost per Mb of bandwidth versus cable or microwave technologies

Sandpoint is the first deployment of LTE for Intermax, which will be followed by Coeur d’Alene and surrounding areas in the fourth quarter of 2017

“We are committed to cutting-edge technology that will better compete with the old-school Cable and DSL services that North Idaho residents have struggled with, “Kennedy said. “It allows us to continue to expand our footprint in North Idaho and provide dependable broadband services to residential and commercial clients no matter their size or location.”

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