Project will dramatically improve internet speeds and capacity to the largest ski area in Washington and Idaho.

SANDPOINT — Intermax today announced the exclusive partnership with Schweitzer Mountain Resort to build a fiber-optic connection to Schweitzer Village. The agreement will last 10 years.

Intermax has built fiber assets to North Idaho business, medical, and government clients since 2010, and was also the first company to partner with the City of Sandpoint in the economic development fiber project in 2017.

“Schweitzer Mountain is a crown jewel of Sandpoint and North Idaho,” said Mike Kennedy, President of Intermax. “We are proud to be the locally owned and operated company that the Schweitzer team chose to bring high-speed fiber to the village.”

Tom Chasse, President and CEO of Schweitzer remarked: “Last year’s season broke every record Schweitzer had – skiers, boarders, passes, visitors, snowfall- you name it. The time is right to bring Intermax in to build the screaming fast broadband to our vital convention business and hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.”

Fiber-optic internet will finally bring the resort and village:

  • Faster speeds and unlimited capacity
  • Improved wi-fi access and service to guests
  • The most scalable and modern communications infrastructure available.

As part of the project, Intermax will take over the TV and internet operations of the Mountain Utilities Company. Customers of the MUC for internet and tv will begin working directly with Intermax this fall.
“Intermax is the right partner to ensure the technical side of providing TV and internet continues and improves with the rapid changes in internet enabled TV content”, said Tom Trulock, President of the Mountain Utilities Company. “Schweitzer’s expertise is in providing a year-round world class resort experience for our guests. We’re pleased to have Intermax join us with their expertise in providing first class internet and video content to our guests and the Schweitzer community”, Trulock concluded.

The engineering and permitting of the fiber route are already in progress, and the fiber network at the resort is planned to be live for the 2018-2019 ski season.


Intermax is the largest independent Internet, Voice, Data, and IT Managed Services network provider in the Inland Northwest and has served customers in North Idaho since 2001. Through the Intermax regional fiber-optic and microwave network in Kootenai, Bonner, Boundary, and Spokane counties and Intermax direct fiber connections to Seattle and Portland, Intermax continues to lead the expansion of access to high-speed internet and telecommunications voice services throughout the region. Intermax currently serves more than 3,000 business and residential clients from southern Kootenai County to the Canadian border and has taken a leadership role in bringing broadband to areas that have been historically underserved by major national carriers of internet services.

Schweitzer Mountain Resort is quickly rising in the ranks of the nation’s top destination resorts with 2900 acres of amazing terrain and renowned tree skiing. Located in the rugged Selkirk Mountains of the northern Idaho panhandle and the northwest Rocky Mountains, Schweitzer overlooks the town of Sandpoint and Lake Pend Oreille. Schweitzer is well known for its two massive bowls, breathtaking views and amazing gladed terrain. For more information on Schweitzer Mountain Resort call 877.487.4643 or visit

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