Intermax news release:

SANDPOINT— Intermax Networks announced they are the first company to enter into all of the required agreements with the City of Sandpoint to provide service on the city’s Economic Development fiber network.

“The city has worked for years to make this happen, and we’re proud to have Intermax be the first provider on the city’s network. They are a local North Idaho company who has many clients in Sandpoint and Bonner County” said Jennifer Stapleton, Sandpoint City Administrator.

“We’ve provided fiber services to commercial businesses in Sandpoint for years,” said Intermax President Mike Kennedy. “But today we are proud to be the first private partner with the City of Sandpoint to expand our network by licensing space on the city’s new fiber infrastructure”, Kennedy added. More here.

POSTED JUNE 2, 2017, 1:30 P.M


The Spokesman-Review: Intermax, Sandpoint reach deal

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