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Jeff Odland

Dedication to Service

Embracing change can be challenging, but the rewards are in its endless wealth of possibilities. I believe that change creates infinite possibilities to learn more, build new and exciting relationships and be a better person. My latest endeavor with Intermax Networks in business development offers an ideal opportunity to make a positive impact in my community and for the lives of others, now and in the future. It is my mission to advance and strengthen technology services and solutions for local organizations through innovative business development strategies that fuel economic growth and realize mutual success.

“Jeff has a way of challenging people to be their best with a level of respect that truly does bring out their best. Not only does Jeff excel at ensuring his integrity and honor, he exemplifies these traits. It is an honor to call Jeff a business associate and friend.”

-Michael Meline, Principal, Cyber Self Defense

About Me

Some want to know the “what” of one’s expertise, interests, etc. Often times the more valuable answer lies in the person’s “Why?”“Why I do” is driven largely by two things: my love for this region, and my desire to serve my fellow man, hopefully in an uncommonly good way. If one were to ask “why” I have such love for this region, the answer lies in my upbringing. I have lived most of my life in rural America and feel rooted in these places. Getting back to my roots after 20 years of city life is a blessing.

One of my joys is serving the youth of my community. I am honored to share my knowledge and experience to make a difference in the lives of our young people through positive mentoring, education, and empowerment. These organizations play vital roles in nurturing the success of our youth, as well as strengthening our community now and into the future

Customer Feedback

I’ve worked with Jeff on a number of projects over the years. Jeff’ s insistence on a ‘ customer first’ approach is refreshing and is what builds a partnership that I appreciate when doing business with him.
CEO, Pendulum IT, CEO, Pendulum IT
Jeff brings an unusually high degree of technical competence of his field to the table, along with a refreshing candor and consultative approach, traits which we value. I applaud Intermax for bringing Jeff aboard.
Scott Hoskins, Kootenai Health

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