When it comes to gaming, ping is most important and low latency is everything — much more than bandwidth.


Latency is the time it takes for data packets to reach your device from a server. Ping is the time it takes a data packet to leave your device, reach a server, and return, as measured in milliseconds (m/s). Basically, they both measure lag.

Ping times will vary depending on the location of the server that you are pinging. The lower the number the better the experience – less than 30 m/s is ideal for gamers. Single-digit ping times are not possible on the big national carriers, but Intermax gets them routinely.

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Check out these speed tests from a few of our clients on Intermax Internet during peak hours

When comparing options:

Tip #1

Ping rate
It’s important to remember that many game servers have thresholds for ping rates. If your ping rate is too high, you might be kicked out of a game. If you really want to count on your connection during the game, a lower ping rate is the way to go.

Tip #2

Ping speedt | Intermax networks
The average data usage is 30 to 50 Mbps per hour of online gaming. Make sure you choose a provider who doesn’t cap your bandwidth consumption.  Intermax doesn’t have bandwidth caps.

Tip #3

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Often games are on mobile devices these days. Make sure your home Wi-Fi router is state of the art to take advantage of our low ping times. Intermax can help you make the right decision on routers.

* Service and speeds will be affected by other factors, which can determine performance. Service subject to availability.

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