Bolstering the security of your network is critical to protecting your business from cybercriminals. Too often, however, most businesses tend to overlook or completely forget the critical role that an unsecured network printer can play in a hacker’s plans to access and steal private information.

In 2016, IDC reported, 25 percent of security breaches occurred via a networked printer or multi-function device. Securing these devices is fundamental to safeguard your corporate network and should be a part of an overall network security strategy.

The articles below, written by SC Magazine, IDC, the FTC, and welivesecurity can help…at least until the paperless office becomes a reality.

SC Magazine

Digital Copiers are Computers, Too-The Importance of Securing Physical Documents

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission doesn’t mince words when it comes multifunction printers (MFPs): “Digital copiers are computers,” they say, complete with hard drives, embedded firmware, and the ability to communicate with other network systems. Without the proper security measures in place, MFPs present a significant business risk.


Unsecured Print = Unsecured IT

Print security features are a critical part of a company’s acquisition process for printers and MFPs. More than 70 percent of survey respondents said that print security features have a high level of influence on the printers and MFPs that they buy or lease.


Stick with Security: Secure paper, physical media, and devices

High-profile hackers grab the headlines. But some data thieves prefer old school methods – rifling through file cabinets, pinching paperwork, and pilfering devices like smartphones and flash drives. As your business bolsters the security of your network, don’t let that take attention away from how you secure documents and devices.


Securing printed data in the ‘paperless’ office

While we are supposedly in the era of the paperless office, intentional leaks via printed documents remain very common and can be just as damaging as their digital counterparts. While most of us realize the necessity of paper, do we recognize the risks of unauthorized viewing or document removal from the worksite?

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