Believe it or not, all those hours our kids are spending playing World of Warcraft and Dragon Ball Fighter Z, may be preparing them for a career in cybersecurity. A well-paying career.

According to a recent survey by McAfee, an overwhelming 92 percent of cybersecurity professionals believe that gamers have the skills needed to excel in a cybersecurity role.

The survey queried 950 cybersecurity professionals to gather insights on the key tools and strategies needed to address today’s cybersecurity threats. It also asked them to describe the characteristics, capabilities, and skills will be needed to enable cybersecurity organizations to be better equipped to deal with these threats.

One of the three winning factors is the use of gamification. Employers believe most gamers possess skills like logic, perseverance, and a healthy love of competition that allow them to excel in cybersecurity roles.

So, forget about paper routes or shoveling snow, staying inside playing video games may be the best path to career success for the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

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