Last week, Google announced that it’s building an undersea cable that will run from Japan to Guam and from Guam to Australia…approximately 9,500 KM or almost 6,000 miles.

About 99% of all transoceanic Internet data is sent via undersea cables. Each cable contains extremely high-quality glass fiber cables, as thin as a human hair, that can carry 100 terabits of traffic. To put that in perspective, Google says this is equal to more than 650,000 simultaneous HD video streams.

Submarine cables withstand the pressure of 8 km of water on top of them. That’s like having an elephant sit down on your thumb!

Want to see how it’s done? Check out A Journey to the Bottom of the Internet.

This video shows you how hundreds of underwater fiber optic cables connect continents, cities, and data centers all over the world, how these cables are made and how they’re installed under the sea.

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