ACP Wind-Down Updates

Unfortunately, we have bad news – and it is coming from the FCC and Federal government.  The FCC has announced its Affordable Connectivity Program is shutting down.

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What Does This Mean for You?

You do NOT need to take any action at this point – this program could be reauthorized by Congress at any time and we hope they will. Without additional funding from Congress, the ACP program is expected to run out of funds in April 2024.

Intermax has been an ACP provider since 2020 (then the EBB Program) and is a proud supporter of this program and the benefit it provides to customers in its service area. We remain hopeful that Congress will appropriate the funds necessary to continue this program, but nevertheless we must provide notice to all ACP customers of the potential end to this program.

Once funding has ended, Intermax can no longer offer the $30 per month discount (that’s the amount that the FCC pays on the customers behalf), and will have to return to charging full rate noted on invoices for broadband service.

We will be providing our ACP customers with at least two more notices with details regarding the end of this program as we get them, and the timing of any impacts on customers bill for broadband service.

We are also working to find other options to continue assisting ACP program recipients who are our neighbors and customers.

Additional Information

Please see the attached ACP Wind-Down Fact Sheet issued by the FCC for additional information.  

ACP Wind-Down Fact Sheet

Again, we hope this program is re-authorized and funded by Congress, but we have no additional insight beyond what the FCC has directed us to share.

This isn’t just Intermax – this closure of the program will affect every provider in the country, so just like us, no other companies in the area will be able to offer the ACP program in its current form any longer.

If you have questions or concerns we are here to help! Call 208-762-8065 for support.