Category: Customer Testimonials

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    “Intermax is such a wonderful company. They provide great customer service and are VERY responsive and easy to reach. The best part is this is a local company- they live and work right here in our community. I recommend them to anyone who needs fantastic internet!” – Leah M.

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    “Recently there was an issue with my internet service. Intermax talked me through how to resolve it and I was quickly back on line. The person that helped me was courteous and knowledgeable. I’ve been an Intermax customer for several years and am very happy with their service.” – Diane G.

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    “Living in Rural North Idaho, Intermax has provided our family with an excellent experience through reliable internet services with superior communication when there is a planned or unexpected outage. We highly recommend Intermax for personal or business use. I can rely on Intermax if I want or need to work from home and have uninterrupted…