So You’re Looking For Internet?

Look no further. Intermax is the area leader in Internet connectivity. Intermax Fiber is the finest internet connectivity experience in North Idaho. It’s the fastest and most reliable data connection available. Intermax has fiber connections at many professional and office locations in Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint, and we’re expanding the network each and every day.

We’re also the only provider in North Idaho to feed our network with multiple, redundant upstream providers with fiber, copper and private microwave feeds. The Intermax network has multiple data injection points and operates in a “ring” so that if there is ever an equipment failure on the ring, traffic can be automatically rerouted to a functional destination- without the end user even realizing there has been a problem.

What does this mean to you? Less hassling with the Internet, and more time in your busy day. Give us a call today to learn more!

Fiber Internet

Is Fiber Internet right for you?

Stay up to speed with your competition.

With the largest Fiber network in Northern Idaho Intermax makes sure keeping up, or staying ahead, of the competition.

Private Microwave

High-Speed Internet to help you grow.

Why settle for less?

Private Microwave Internet offers a flexible, low risk option for companies needing high speed Internet.


Get rid of those old copper lines.

High Speeds on demand!

Intermax’s Point-to-Point connection offers high speeds for your company without having to deal with old copper wire that can be damaged by weather.

Dedicated Internet

Not on a dedicated line yet?

Never Share Again

See what dedicated Internet access is all about.

More About Intermax Internet

The Intermax network taps into the internet from three core locations with direct links to Seattle, Boise, and Denver. We use a number of diverse and redundant border routers and have alternate routes for backup connectivity. Our Intermax technical engineers are focused on building network routes that provide the maximum in speed, Level One peering, and fail-safe backup. Intermax offers multiple options for connectivity, more bandwidth, faster speeds and more flexible plans than those offered by phone and cable companies.  The following are the key areas where we can help your business communications and data transport needs.