the ultimate home internet experience is here.

If your Wi-Fi isn’t working for you, then it’s not improving your life. 

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We make it easy to balance the demands of modern life.

From connecting your entire home to the latest Wi-Fi to keeping your video calls and devices running without interruption, your internet will be working for you, not against you.

It's more than just a trade

Experience control over your network like never before – this ultimate home Wi-Fi service includes the Intermax Insights app for complete control and optimization of your internet experience.

With the Intermax Insights App, you have total control over your internet experience. You can customize your network to fit your priorities and enjoy the ProtectIQ cyber security, giving you peace of mind while you stream, work, and play uninterrupted.

how to upgrade your equipment

Give us a call. We’ll determine the best replacement for your old device and talk about how a swap will best benefit you. 

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We will work with you to schedule a time for a technician to come out and swap your legacy device out and get your new Wi-Fi equipment installed.

Trade Up

Once installed, you will have access to our app, Intermax Insights. Our team will help you download the app and teach you how to manage your network. 


experience control like never before with intermax insights

Create profiles and set online schedules

prioritize internet traffic and devices

Whole-home wi-fi connectivity

create a dedicated remote work wi-fi network

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What our customers say about us.

Lynelle Holom
Lynelle Holom
December 12, 2023
Very helpful!
Scott Tofflemire
Scott Tofflemire
November 18, 2023
Should change the name to upper echelon networks. 10/10 from install to service, if I need anything I can get my sales associate on the phone and he's the most down to earth, professional, genuine guy. Thank you Carey!!!!
October 26, 2023
Over the years I have tried just about every possible way to get internet service -- dial-up, DSL, Cable TV(SuddenLink / Optimum), 3G/4G cellular (Verizon), wireless, 5G (T-Mobile). Finally Intermax Networks comes to the rescue with fiber to the home! My wife and I have gone from continual frustration with the internet to the point that now we almost take it for granted. Our internet service just works GREAT, its always rock-solid. Both of us can be on separate online meetings or streaming music/movies or whatever else and the service just works without any hassels. I haven't even noticed a hiccup in our service since it was installed over 2 months ago.
Joe Oliveria
Joe Oliveria
October 5, 2023
Awesome service and great communication from Stephanie our rep! The instal was very fast at around 1 hour total quick in and out. Levi answered every question we had. Looking forward to having intermax as our provider for the future!
Mary Reber
Mary Reber
October 4, 2023
Any time I have had a problem or question I get to talk right away to a real person!!! They are always interested and accommodating California .
Kelso Lindsay
Kelso Lindsay
September 23, 2023
We have had Intermax for several years now, and they are VERY reliable! And whenever we do have a problem, they are very responsive, very fast, to fix it. I definitely recommend them!

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