Author: Lauren Corley

  • Testimonial_3

    “Intermax is such a wonderful company. They provide great customer service and are VERY responsive and easy to reach. The best part is this is a local company- they live and work right here in our community. I recommend them to anyone who needs fantastic internet!” – Leah M.

  • How to Get a Job in Technology

    How to Get a Job in Technology

    Tech jobs offer a variety of great benefits, including high salaries, job security, and opportunities for advancement. They also offer the chance to work with innovative technologies, to be part of an innovative and dynamic industry, and to continuously learn and grow. Additionally, many companies offer flexible work arrangements, such as remote work options and…

  • Premium

    Premium $104 Per Month 600 Mbps Download

  • Enterprise

    Enterprise $136 Per Month 1 Gig Download

  • Basic

    Basic $83 Per Month 300 Mbps Download

  • Premium

    Premium Call for Pricing 100 Mbps download

  • Some Work, Some Play

    Some Work, Some Play $136 Per Month 50 Mbps download

  • All Play

    All Play $69 Per Month 25 Mbps download

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    “Recently there was an issue with my internet service. Intermax talked me through how to resolve it and I was quickly back on line. The person that helped me was courteous and knowledgeable. I’ve been an Intermax customer for several years and am very happy with their service.” – Diane G.

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    “Living in Rural North Idaho, Intermax has provided our family with an excellent experience through reliable internet services with superior communication when there is a planned or unexpected outage. We highly recommend Intermax for personal or business use. I can rely on Intermax if I want or need to work from home and have uninterrupted…